This set contains 527 building blocks which can be assembled into a model of the Barrett M107 sniper rifle.

The Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle is a powerful and accurate firearm designed for long-range precision shooting. With a calibre of .50 BMG, this rifle is capable of taking down targets at extreme distances with ease. The M107 features a semi-automatic action, a muzzle brake to reduce recoil, and a lightweight design for improved portability in the field. Whether used by military snipers or civilian long-range shooters, the Barrett M107 is a top choice for those seeking unmatched performance and reliability in a sniper rifle.

Step by step instruction booklet included.

Repackaging - No Original Box

To save on shipping costs we will repackage the contents of this set in a more space efficient manner before sending it to you. The pieces will still be in their original sealed plastic bags however they will be packaged more tightly so they don’t move around during transit.

Number of Pieces 712
Block Type Standard (compatible with Lego)

Barrett M107 Sniper Rifle

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