This set contains 1875 building bricks which can be assembled into a 1:350 scale model of the flagship Chinese aircraft carrier, Liaoning.

The Liaoning Aircraft Carrier is a Chinese naval vessel that serves as a symbol of the country's growing military capabilities. Originally built in the Soviet Union, this aircraft carrier underwent extensive renovations and upgrades before being commissioned into the People's Liberation Army Navy in 2012. With a displacement of over 55,000 tons and the ability to carry up to 40 aircraft, the Liaoning is a formidable presence in the East Asian region.

In addition to the ship itself you also get several small planes and helicopters to populate the deck with. Needless to say this is a very large project, with the finished ship measuring 850mm in length and 220mm in height. Thankfully, to help with this mammoth construction (and save your fingers) a block splitter is included in addition to a comprehensive step by step instruction manual.

Step by step instruction booklet included.

Repackaging - No Original Box

To save on shipping costs we will repackage the contents of this set in a more space efficient manner before sending it to you. The pieces will still be in their original sealed plastic bags however they will be packaged more tightly so they don’t move around during transit.

Number of Pieces 1875
Block Type Standard (compatible with Lego)

Liaoning Aircraft Carrier

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