About Us

 Like so many children building blocks were a big part of my childhood, with endless hours spent playing and creating with the Tyco, Best-Lock and Lego brick sets I was lucky enough to have been gifted. Fifteen years later and construction sets were once again introduced to my life when my children became old enough to enjoy the smaller building bricks.

After doing some research to see what building sets were currently on offer, I was surprised to see the blocks were currently seeing a big upturn in popularity and there were a seemingly endless number of construction toy brands (perhaps because of parents like me who played with the blocks when they were children). 

As my wife was already doing business in China I thought I would see what blocks were being sold in Asia. Again there were several different brands on offer but instead of licenced themes there was more of a focus on military models. As both firearms and modern military themes are an interest of mine I bought several different sets and (after being impressed with the quality) decided to make this web site. On this site you can find different building block sets from various manufacturers in the Guangdong Province of China with a bias towards military themes.

Please let me know if you have questions about any of the manufacturers or sets we have listed for sale. I'm always happy to answer questions or just discuss what your building plans are for your collection (or building block army).